Transforming your standard outdoor living space into a beautiful landscape is an excellent way to breathe life back into your home. Here is a list of some useful landscaping design tips that can be extremely helpful for beginners.

Tip 1. Make a list of needs and wants.

Draw a rough sketch of your yard, to help put your landscape design ideas into perspective.

Tip 2. Look for landscape design inspirations.

Check out some magazines or search the internet for landscaping design inspiration and creative, functional ideas.

Tip 3. Know your plants.

It pays to know what kind of plants to grow and how to take care of them.

Tip 4. Put the right plant in the right spot.

Know how to arrange the plants according to exposure to the sun since some plants cannot thrive if they get too much of it.

Tip 5. Know how to grow your plants.

Plants will thrive as long as they can if given the proper maintenance.

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July 10, 2017

Tips on Creating Your Ideal Home Landscaping Design

Creating your home landscaping design must take a variety of concerns into consideration – the lay of the land, the style of your home, yearly rainfall, location of buried utilities, drain lines, and more. Here are ten tips on creating your ideal home landscaping design. More than that, good landscaping goes beyond planting a few flower bulbs or setting out a young tree – although both those things might be included. It means thinking not only of what a plant might look like this year, but of how it might spread, how tall it will grow, and how it will affect the general environment of your area. 1. Check your local building and planting regulations. More than one fond landscaping dream has foundered when it came up against local building and planting codes. A little information, in the beginning, can save on disappointment later. 2. Learn the location of all […]
May 22, 2017

Brighten Your Property with Landscape Lighting

If you feel that your home is missing that extra something, you may need to brighten your property with landscape lighting. This simple change can have a profound impact, by completely changing the look and feel of your home and yard. Properly lighting your landscape has many additional benefits as well, including preventing injuries from tripping in the dark, increasing security and allowing you to enjoy outdoor spaces even after the sun has gone down. To help you understand these advantages and the types of outdoor lighting effects that you can select, let’s take a closer look at them below. Types of Outdoor Lighting Available You have many options to choose from today, when it comes to adding lighting to your landscaping. These run the gamut from a simple wall light beside your front door, to spotlights that illuminate the side of your house or even trees in your yard. […]

Turn that free space in your yard into something functional that you and your family can enjoy.

By adding and improving the landscape, you will be able to make your home even more inviting and pleasurable. Add more life to your home by landscaping and enjoy a healthier and more comfortable living.

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