Simple and Easy Landscaping Ideas For Your Home

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February 2, 2017
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April 20, 2017
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Simple and Easy Landscaping Ideas For Your Home

When it comes to interior décor and in-house DIY projects, everyone seems to be an overnight guru on the subject. You always have an opinion on which curtains to get and why that new, plush carpet from Bed, Bath & Beyond does not match the living room sofas. Funny thing is that when it comes to your home’s exterior, most of us have no clue how to create and maintain a living, breathing environment. Ask any seasoned gardener or landscaper about their job and you’ll learn that it involves more than a couple of randomly placed trees and shrubbery.

Proper landscaping requires planning, research, careful thought about the different elements that will go into your yard and above all; blood, sweat, and tears. But then again, you may be using a lazy gardener who gives your entire neighborhood the same damn look. Giving your home a tailored look not only reflects your personality, but it also lets you create a functional space that you can actually enjoy. Not to mention saves you a handsome amount of money that would have been spent replicating the same old look. If you are looking to fashion a modern and beautiful yard, here are a few high-impact, low-cost, simple and easy landscaping ideas for your home.

Use Easy Maintenance Ground Cover

While a full and lush front lawn is as American as thanksgiving turkey, it may not be the most financially savvy choice for you. This especially applies to people who live in dry regions and will definitely have to struggle with keeping the grass green and healthy. In addition to requiring generous proportions of water each day, grass also needs fertilizers as well as treatments every now and then. Couple that with patchy areas that need re-sodding and you have a very expensive lawn to manage. Using cost-effective alternatives to grass such as easy maintenance ground cover and creeping plants will help save you time, money and effort over time.

Go With Edible Landscapes

No matter what space you are working with, it pays to use plants that serve more than one purpose. Instead of wasting water and other resources on eye candy shrubbery, edible plants give you something to look forward to at the end of the day. Replace huge portions of your grass and other flowers with a broad range of herbs such as thyme, sage, wintergreen, peppers and other edible herbs. You can also go with green, leafy vegetables such as lettuce, kale, spinach and anything else you can get your hands on. While these plants won’t be resistant to foot traffic, their functionality should be more than enough reward for the extra effort.

Try Hardscaping

For the lowest levels of cost and maintenance, consider using slate tiles, gravel or any other rock-like ground cover. This is a particularly smart solution if you live in drought-prone areas. Materials like gravel are not only low maintenance; they are also highly durable and affordable. However, hardscaping may not be as easy as it sounds. Before you decide which greenery stays and which goes, you need to plan it out with a professional hardscaper to get it right. If you mess up with things like laying the landscape fabric underneath, the grass and weeds will just regrow in a few weeks. Hardscaping works best in areas where plants won’t grow, areas with drainage problems as well as zones with heavy foot traffic.

Divide Spaces

Another simple and easy landscaping idea that will definitely add interest to your yard is by structurally dividing up spaces. To achieve this, you can use hedges or low fences that cut up your yard into different rooms. Some rooms could be made up of grass and concrete paths for a playing area while others could be flowing islands that receive no foot traffic. This helps give each space a unique feel and identity while allowing for easier maintenance on each. If you don’t want to end up with a yard that looks like a messy savannah thicket, be sure you call in the professionals for best results. Shaping hedges and fences might prove a bit tricky for inexperienced hands.

Play Around With Geometry

Now, it’s very understandable if you didn’t like dealing with angles and lines back in school. However, taking advantage of shapes, lines, and angles when landscaping might prove a bit more exciting. A well-laid lawn is not only easier to maintain, but it also adds more drama and impact to the overall look. Try lining up some trees or flowers in a patch of greenery or even having fun with your hardscape.

Add Unexpected Materials

That’s right; why should you stick to the same old designs when you can spruce up your yard with items you wouldn’t normally find in the average home. Whether it’s some random wood scraps, corrugated steel, carvings or artfully recycled pieces, they can all add to the unique features in your yard. In this case, let your imagination and creativity fly free.

Final Word

Landscaping is quickly becoming more than just a way of increasing the curb appeal of your home. Today, homeowners use it to express their creativity and personality. Landscaping is also the ideal way to turn a dull, boring yard into an inviting outdoor space for your family, friends, and passersby to appreciate. But as we’ve already established, achieving the perfect yard can be much harder than it sounds. This is why it is vital to find a reliable landscaping service that you can trust and call upon to bring all your wonderful ideas to life. With the right team on your side, you can look forward to designs that are frugal, beautiful and highly functional as well.

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