Tips for DIY Home Landscaping

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March 2, 2017
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May 22, 2017
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Tips for DIY Home Landscaping

If you are confident in your DIY skills and know your landscaping by heart (almost), then nobody should tell you what you need to do with your yard. But you should at least make sure that you can get the job done and done marvelously. If you’ve got your mind set on DIY landscaping, then here are some more tips that will save you time, money, effort and most importantly, a generous amount of embarrassment.

ProTip #1: Analyze your Skill Set

The most essential element of DIY is actually doing things yourself. You play a very significant role towards the final image of your yard. As such, you need to know what your strong points are, where you excel most and where your weak points lie.

If your idea of a green thumb involves nail polish, then you might be a tad overly ambitious taking on a DIY project that involves plants. But  if you insist on doing things yourself, start out small and use your strong points. If you wish to try your hand at gardening, start off with a few plants in containers. Keep them alive and blooming for a few days and you just might be ready for a DIY garden landscaping project.

ProTip #2: Clear your Canvas

What may seem like total common sense is actually far more complicated than that. You’d think that this would be the first automatic move before any actual landscaping projects, but it turns out that most people work around it. Ask any professional landscaper and they’ll tell you that clearing your yard is the trick to getting started. Think of your compound as a palette that needs to be cleaned first. That means taking out all the largest offenders such as dried plants and trees, clutter, overgrown elements and all your other junk.

It might take a few weekends to clear out your yard and get rid of all the clutter, but it’s all part and parcel of doing it yourself. At this point, most people end up calling landscapers, so please feel free to follow suit if things become too hard. However, clearing your lawn helps you see the landscape with fresh eyes and know how much space you are working with. This is essential for any type of landscaping project.

ProTip #3: Never Be Impulsive

Unlike art, landscaping does not come from an inspired and impulsive place. You have to plan, evaluate, measure, plan again and realize that unlike Picasso; there’s no brushing away certain mistakes. DIY landscaping projects are infamous, nay, notorious for their border Image result for herb garden planextreme approaches.

I’ve seen guys set up massive fountains only to regret the waste of space and water. You have to consider what will suit you best. Maybe you could use a herb garden instead of that fountain. And what about your car, wouldn’t it be better suited by a little asphalt paving as opposed to flowers all over the place? It’s all about evaluating choices based on your budget, functionality, upkeep and maintenance required.


ProTip #4: Consult an Expert

Ever wonder why even presidents and other leaders need the help of loyal advisers and field specialists? It’s because you can’t be great at everything you set out to do. You could be the king of asphalt paving but don’t have a clue about maintaining a hedge. Similarly, your thumbs could be as green as it gets, but that won’t come in handy if you want to extend your driveway.

You can tackle almost any DIY project that you set your mind to, but will you learn about plumbing, gardening, electricity, masonry and about 20 more professions along the way? Again, it doesn’t matter how much you love your exotic fishes if you can’t build and maintain their fish pond. So no matter how tough and hands on you may be, everybody needs an extra hand now and then, right?

Any backyard warrior will attest that DIY landscaping is not as hard as it looks. The real test comes in how you handle all the different elements of landscaping. Another tip that serves as an overall guide for all DIY projects is to always make things as easy as possible. For example, instead of wasting time with cement mixers trying to cook up liters of concrete, why not just take advantage of ready-made, convenient concrete paving? It’s all about working smart, not hard.

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