Top 4 Tips on Selecting a Landscape Design for Your Home

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December 30, 2016
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Top 4 Tips on Selecting a Landscape Design for Your Home

An outstanding landscaping requires more than a spotless lawn and some flowers. For starters, you’ll need a plan, and one of the most important components of a landscaping plan is the design. But how do you choose the right landscape design for your home given the fact that landscape designs aren’t universal i.e. different designs work for different types of homes.

It’s worth nothing that the best landscape design for your home is one that organizes the natural and man-made features of your yard/landscape into a beautiful but functional and environmentally sustainable space. So, how do you select the best landscape design for your home? To help you answer this question, below are some of the most important tips on selecting a landscape design for your home.

Tip 1: Understand your landscape

It’s impossible to select a great landscape design for your home if you don’t understand your landscape. Different landscape designs work for different landscapes, so you need to know everything there is to know about your landscape from the soil type to the topography and climate. Existing vegetation can give you important clues about your landscape’s climate and soil type. Existing waterways can give you clues about your landscape’s drainage.

For instance, if you want a Mediterranean-style landscape design featuring Mediterranean plant varieties like lavender, rosemary, ornamental grass, etc., you must make sure your landscape is conducive to Mediterranean plants i.e. has perfect drainage. If you want an informal garden style characterized by random placement of plants and less pruning, you need to have ample space to let plants grow and reach their natural sizes. In a nutshell, you need to know if your ideal landscape design can be accommodated perfectly by your landscape.

Tip 2: Consider your own personal/family preferences and needs

Understanding your landscape will help you have a rough idea of which types of landscape designs will work in your yard. Considering your personal preferences and needs as well as those of your family member will help you narrow down to a landscape design that is perfect for everyone and is also functional.

For instance, a cottage-style landscape design will be perfect for you if you are landscaping for aesthetic and subsistence purposes i.e. to have a great looking yard that also provides vegetables/herbs for consumption. If you/your family members fancy symmetry, a formal garden will be perfect since formal landscape designs focus on creating symmetry i.e. creating straight lines/geometrical shapes. For a bright looking yard/garden, a tropical landscape design will be perfect since it features brightly colored plants/vegetation.

Tip 3: Consider the design of your home

If you’re still confused about the ideal landscape design for you after considering the above tips, you can look for inspiration elsewhere i.e. your home’s design. It’s worth noting that some home designs are associated with some landscape designs. For instance, older homes i.e. traditional bungalows work well with cottage landscape designs. Most modern-style homes match with formal landscape designs. If your home doesn’t have a definite design, you have more freedom to experiment i.e. fuse many landscape designs together.

Tip 4: Look online/ in magazines/landscaping books

Considering there are countless landscape designs, it’s easy to get confused even after considering the tips above. You can turn to the internet or magazines for inspiration. When considering this tip, imagine what the design/s you come across would look like in your home. You can use design software to see how specific designs would look in your home.

Selecting a perfect landscape design for your home can be challenging given the factors that come into play i.e. you must consider factors like climate, drainage, home design, personal preferences/needs, etc. The presence of countless landscape designs makes selecting even harder. Hopefully, you shouldn’t have a problem choosing the perfect design after considering the above top 4 tips on selecting a landscape design for your home.


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